Kari W Cates

Kari’s 1st grade class

Kari (rhymes with starry)

Kari is a retired teacher and writer of children’s books. She lives in Austin with her husband of 33 years, Lloyd Cates. Kari was raised in Dallas. She moved to Austin to attend the University of Texas and graduated with a Plan II degree.

 Kari’s Old Family Photos

After graduating from The University of Texas some of the following years were spent living in Boulder, CO, and Berkley, CA. Back in Texas, she worked as a proof-reader for a newspaper. Then she worked at the UT School of Nursing. After deciding to be a teacher, she returned to UT and got a Master of Arts in Education. She taught at Casis and Zavala, where she was in charge of the HOST reading program.

Later Photos

One day after teaching elementary school in 1998 she broke her collarbone and found out she had Multimyloma cancer. She beat it after a few years. But then in 2012 Kari got breast cancer but she has done well after treatment.

Kari’s Art…