This is an old video of flying my balloon over downtown Austin in 1984.

I  was giving Nick his flight review and took a video of the landing. Lloyd

Joe Reynolds and I flew over the old Mueller Airport in Austin while a plane took off below us.  

A Michael Freeman video flying near Enchanted Rock.  

Following hot air balloons in a chase-boat on Lake Travis at the 25th Annual Lake Travis Flight. My friend Jeff Carrol took me for a ride in his boat to aid any of the balloonists in case the pilots needed help while flying over the water. I'm usually one of the balloon pilots flying.

Five hot air balloons launched at an elementary school in Austin, Texas in the summer of 2010. The first pilot to launch was Sam Edwards, then Joe Reynolds, Bruce Lavorgna, Dick Goss and Rusty Kaim.

Derek Howard & Randy Rogers launching a balloon in about 1970. (No audio)