A hot air balloon flight from the Georgetown Texas Airport on a nice November morning. The pilot was Joe Reynolds. I attached a GoPro camera on a mop handle to his gondola frame. The flight started at the small airport, flew over subdivisions, highways, a cemetery, the San Gabriel River, a school and finally over farmland where they landed.

Joe Reynolds' crew prepares his hot air balloon for launch at the 2014 Albuquerque International Balloon Fiesta. On his Austin, Texas crew were Greg and Janice Wallace and Carol Walker. The video was made on an iPhone 6.

Five hot air balloons launched at an elementary school in Austin, Texas in the summer of 2010. The first pilot to launch was Sam Edwards, then Joe Reynolds, Bruce Lavorgna, Dick Goss and Rusty Kaim.

This is a 1 minute video of a big yellow balloon following pilot Kay Morgan at the Big Bend Balloon Bash in Alpine, Texas.

I  was giving Nick his flight review and took a video of the landing. Lloyd

A Michael Freeman video flying near Enchanted Rock.   Lloyd

Nick and Kay's landing north of Georgetown met with angry landowners. No one was hurt. 

Joe Reynolds and I flew over the old Mueller Airport in Austin while a plane took off below us.  

Phillip MacNutt built a replica of Ed Yost's famous balloon that crossed the Atlantic. This is a 4 minute time-lapse video of an early inflation by MacNutt. 

An early home-made hot air balloon in England